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A Look Back At September!

Hey hi hello! It’s that time again, where I tell you all about my month. September was a whirlwind (and honestly, October has carried on that theme as well) so I’m just gonna jump right on in! First up, let’s take a few precious second to remember that while I’m somewhat intelligent, I’m not always…

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Marketing Without Social Media!

This blog post contains affiliate links! That means if you decide to purchase something through these links, I get a little cash bonus (with no extra expense for you, you’re just supporting me omg thank you!) Why hello there! Welcome back to my little corner of the internet. I hope you’re comfy! Please kick off…

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A Look Back at March

Did you know one year ago I had just got back into the country and was quarantining? Thankfully we avoided the hotel quarantine in Melbourne (which turned out to be quite the fiasco) by 24 hours… We were in Japan and had left waaaaay back at the beginning of March, before COVID19 even had the…

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