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A Look Back at June!

Hello my dears! What’s this? A monthly blog post that’s actually on time? Wow amazing, so fantastic, please give me a gold star. Funnily enough, June has been the most intense month I’ve experienced this year so far I reckon. Let’s jump straight into it. The day after my Aunt Robin passed away, I decided…

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A Look Back at March!

Hello my friends! Are you proud of me? I mentioned in my Feb overview (which was very late) that I would try and get March’s blog post out this week… And here it is! March was MASSIVE so strap in, because I’m about to take you on a journey from the present day to millions…

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The April Overview!

It’s the 4th of May, and I’m only just writing this blog post now. Usually I try to write my monthly reviews as things happen, but April kicked my ass so now we get my attempt at remembering everything that happened… Strap in! First up; Easter! My mum came down from Melbourne to surprise me…

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