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A Look Back at August!

Welcome back! The last month of winter (allegedly) has flown by and we’re now (technically) in spring. As I wait for the weather to catch up (it’s dropping down to 2 degrees later tonight 🥶) bundled up in blankets on the couch, I thought I’d share with you everything I got up to in August.…

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A Look Back at July!

Hello hello! I think this is the latest I’ve posted a monthly recap, but as I get into everything that happened in July, I think you’ll understand why I’ve spent most of August in a state of exhaustion. But let’s start with the easy stuff first! New Hair – The Red Era You might remember…

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A Collection of Photos

I’m taking this upcoming weekend all to myself. It is, in a word, required. I’m run down from the move, under the weather and just generally exhausted. It’s been non-stop for the last two months, what with packing and then moving and then unpacking (which, no, I still haven’t finished). I realised that this weekend…

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