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A Look Back at October!

One of my goals for this year was to write at least one blog post a month. And so far I’m on track to achieve that goal, which is really blowing my mind. I’ve written monthly overviews for every month since January, and have even managed to write other blog posts in between. The point…

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A Look Back At September!

Hey hi hello! It’s that time again, where I tell you all about my month. September was a whirlwind (and honestly, October has carried on that theme as well) so I’m just gonna jump right on in! First up, let’s take a few precious second to remember that while I’m somewhat intelligent, I’m not always…

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A Collection of Photos

I’m taking this upcoming weekend all to myself. It is, in a word, required. I’m run down from the move, under the weather and just generally exhausted. It’s been non-stop for the last two months, what with packing and then moving and then unpacking (which, no, I still haven’t finished). I realised that this weekend…

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