A Look Back at August!

Welcome back!

The last month of winter (allegedly) has flown by and we’re now (technically) in spring.

As I wait for the weather to catch up (it’s dropping down to 2 degrees later tonight 🥶) bundled up in blankets on the couch, I thought I’d share with you everything I got up to in August.

The Melbourne Trip

In Kmart wearing my new fave outfit! Overalls from Dangerfield.

After everything that happened in July, I decided I needed a mini break. I took off to visit my mum over the first weekend of August.

I booked mum and I in to go see an art installation at the Royal Botanical Gardens called “Lightscape“.

I think the photographs explain it best…

It was an absolutely stunning display of creativity and beauty!

I think we spent close to 2 hours walking through everything. If they bring this back next year, I’d definitely go again.

I also caught up with a few friends while I was visiting.

  • Brunch with Kirby, which resulted in me accidentally ordering two massive breakfast towers instead of one!
  • Afternoon tea with Tam! I got to see Tam’s beautiful house and meet her family (including all the pets of course)!
  • Dinner with Pat! We went out to a gaming bar, the lower level of which was a restaurant designed like a tavern out of a fantasy game. It was delightful!
A garden nursery, where mum took me for breakfast!

For the most part though, I just spent time with mum which was exactly what I needed.

I’m also going back up to visit her at the beginning of October, which I cannot wait for! I have no specific plans as of yet, but I’m sure we’ll do something amazing.


I spent some time working from the library instead of my house in August. It was great to break up the routine and create a change of scenery.

I’m currently working on the marketing plan for Leonie Dawson’s 2023 Goal Getter workbooks, which is very exciting.

I also cleaned out, fixed & updated my iMac, so I’m looking forward to using that again. I’ve been using my 7 year old Macbook Pro for the last couple of months. It’s been good but I think it’s probably nearly time for a laptop upgraded.

I’ll definitely be sticking with Apple, thought I’m not sure which laptop I’ll get at this stage.

Op Shop Treasures

The housemates and I went op shopping and omg I found some absolute treasures.

I saw the frog figurine but didn’t get it. Then spent an entire weekend unable to stop thinking about him and so went back on Monday to grab him. For 20c. Best money I’ve ever spent. He lives on my car dash in between a snail and turtle figurine Pat gave me nearly 12 years ago.

They are my driving buddies and I love them.

I also found the coolest oil lamp, with it’s original packaging intact as well. It works and is such a cool addition to the house decor.

Cheeky Extras

My sister came down to visit for a weekend and literally the first thing she asked was “Omg can I ride on the mower?”

Naturally my answer was yes. Look at her taking selfies, living her best life. I love her so much.

Dad also showed me a brilliant hack to cleaning car headlight covers! Just a bit of silver polish on an old cloth and voila!

I can drive in the dark again!

We also had a big storm roll through, although thankfully it was nowhere near as bad as the storm that hit us back in January.

Instead we were just hammered with a lot of rain very quickly, and then when it stopped, Bilv and I went to KFC to get chicken nuggets.

Optimal storm experience, really.

My lovely friend Frankie messaged me in August asking if I wanted to go to WOMADelaide with her next year and I said yes!

I’m really, really excited to go. It’s been YEARS since I’ve been to any kind of festival and Adelaide is one of my favourite places to visit.

Winter sunsets.

What I’ve Been Watching:

I’ve been rewatching Yuri!!! On Ice, a queer ice skating anaime. I watched this when it first came out and LOVED it but it’s been years since then.

It’s just as silly & wholesome as I remember! I recommend watching the English subtitle version, but for this rewatch I watched the English dub because I knew my attention span wasn’t good enough for subtitles.

I’ve also really been enjoying a YouTube channel called Kurzgesagt.

It’s a science channel that uses animation to explain cool concepts and tricky theories. It’s so engaging and creative, highly recommend checking them out.

Mikasa Update

Mikasa is well! She didn’t appreciate me leaving for 4 days to go to Melbourne, but she forgave me relatively quickly.

She is still yet to make friends with Ollie the Chihuahua but honestly that’s to be expected. She’s not the best at friendship and that is okay.

Hilarious Internet Finds

Aaand that covers us for August!

I’m so looking forward to the warmer weather. Part of me can’t quite believe I’m saying that since I usually crave winter all year round, but I just want to lie under the apple tree blossoms with the sun on my face again.

Hopefully soon, but for now I’m sending all my love your way.


🍄 🐾 🌙 🍃 🪐 🌈

Wahoo! Now we're penpals!

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