A Look Back at June!

Hello my dears!

What’s this? A monthly blog post that’s actually on time? Wow amazing, so fantastic, please give me a gold star.

Funnily enough, June has been the most intense month I’ve experienced this year so far I reckon. Let’s jump straight into it.

The day after my Aunt Robin passed away, I decided to take myself on a solo nature trip.

I wanted to try and start processing some of the grief. Connecting with nature has always been soothing and reflective for me.

Halls Gap

I live about 3 hours from Halls Gap, nestled in the Grampians/Gariwerd and so drove over for the day.

The first thing I saw when I got out the car was a Kookaburra. It let me walk right up to the branch it was on, and so after snapping a couple of photos I just sat and watched it for a few minutes.

After that I took a walk up to Venus Baths, where the river runs over the most beautiful rock formations. It’s a treat to swim in over summer (if the water hasn’t dried up, of course).

I also had a mosey around some of the shops, although I didn’t purchase anything.

Overall it was exactly the kind of day I needed. I was still feeling the rolling grief of losing my aunt, but the edges were less sharp.


Naturally, the day after my Halls Gap trip, I went down with a mild cold. Two days later it was no longer mild, and I tested positive for COVID19.

What followed was a week from hell; with breathing issues, a hospital visit, seven days of isolation, daily phone calls from the health service, fatigue like you wouldn’t believe and a meltdown to end all meltdowns.

And of course, two of my three housemates then proceeded to go down with COVID too. I don’t know how Jack managed to avoid it but he did.

I won’t lie, COVID19 kicked the absolute heck out of me. I had to use Ventolin for about 3 weeks even after the rest of my symptoms cleared up and I’m still struggling with a lingering cough. Still. It absolutely could have been worse and I’m thankful it wasn’t!

Fabulously Fun Fungi

I’ve been doing a lot of foraging recently! It’s been really fun to learn about fungi, and boy is there a lot to learn!

And I say foraging, but I don’t actually pick any. My knowledge of safe, edible mushrooms is minuscule at best.

Still! It’s been super fun heading out to see what I can find!

Social Stuff

June was Jack’s birthday! We celebrated with pizza in the evening after presents around lunch time. I got him a huge selection of American snacks & a t-shirt with a deconstructed mountain bike on it. It was a lovely day!

My cousin James came down to visit my dad and we got to all hang out a bit which was super fun! We visited a somewhat-local brewery (I was designated driver, since I don’t drink!) and spent the better part of the afternoon there.

My dad and I also had the absolute privilege of attending “Bach by Candlelight” performed by cellist Chris Howlett. It was in a small town hall which made it feel so much more real.

Yes, that is a Koala. No, your eyes are not deceiving you.

My very good friend Laura rehabilitates injured wildlife and I had the rare joy of getting to cuddle a real life Koala. I know, I still can’t believe it either.

Penn & Teller

Thankfully Bilv & I finished up our stint in isolation just in time to head on up to Melbourne to watch Penn & Teller live!

The show was absolutely magical (pun fully intended) and thankfully all audience participation was voluntary.

Bilv & I at Penn & Teller!

We took Ollie the chihuahua with us and stayed at my best mate Pat’s apartment; the three of us went out for Japanese in the evening before the show.

It was exactly the kind of mini break I needed.

What I’ve Been Watching:

Please don’t even try to talk to me about this show. About Anakin and Obi-Wan. About love, loyalty, betrayal, grief.

It only took 6 episodes to thoroughly and completely break my heart. I mean come ON.

The show is set 10 years after Anakin falls and becomes Darth Vader. We follow Obi-Wan as he deals with his grief and trauma. It broke me. Watch it. (What a recommendation hahahaha)

On a slightly less devastating note, I also watched Prehistoric Planet!

Narrated by the utterly fab David Attenborough, this was just a delightful watch. It brought me back to my Walking With Dinosaurs days (she writes, as if she doesn’t do a rewatch of that at least once a year).

Speaking of rewatches, Bilv came out into the lounge room one afternoon with a hankering to rewatch the 2005 Pride and Prejudice. It’s a movie I can rewatch pretty much anytime. I think we’re going to rewatch the BBC tv series version soon too.

I really love Pride & Prejudice you guys.

My boss’ husband watched this and Leonie passed on the recommendation!

It’s a really interesting documentary that covers the topic of UFOs & government cover ups. I found it absolutely fascinating!

Books I Read This Month:

I didn’t end up reading anything other than Star Wars fanfiction this month.

I ended up having to return 6 library books unread (and late, obviously. #ADHD) because I just wasn’t in the mood. Hopefully I’ll have more to share with you for July’s look back!

Best Internet Finds:

I just. cannot with these this month. Hahahahaha.

Which cat tarot card are you? I’m The Magician.

The second one is for all my other adult children of divorced/divorcing parents. Humour solves everything. (And to be clear, neither of my parents are remarrying as far as I know, it’s just funny af).

The third one had me snorting. Especially since they’re all wrestlers (#obligatory wrestling reference).

I literally CRIED over the last one from laughing so hard. I don’t know why the Emperor and Sith Lord Sidious from Star Wars drinking from a straw sent me into orbit, but it did. And so naturally, it’s now my profile pic on Instagram.

A Mikasa Update:

Mikasa has been an absolute sweetheart this month!

She refused to leave my side when I had COVID (which concerned me for a bit because I didn’t want her to get it, but she was totally fine) and was far more affectionate than she usually is, even with me.

Her ears have cleared up completely as well, which is a huge relief.

See what I mean about June being full on? It’s felt totally nonstop.

It gives me a lot to write about though, which is always good.

See you next month!


๐Ÿ„ ๐Ÿพ ๐ŸŒ™ ๐Ÿƒ ๐Ÿช ๐ŸŒˆ

Wahoo! Now we're penpals!

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