A Look Back at March!

Hello my friends!

Are you proud of me? I mentioned in my Feb overview (which was very late) that I would try and get March’s blog post out this week…

And here it is!

March was MASSIVE so strap in, because I’m about to take you on a journey from the present day to millions of years ago.

The Mornington Peninsula Trip

My aunt, Anne, came over to visit at the start of the month!

We spent several days together as she stayed with my dad and it was absolutely lovely.

We talked for hours about all sorts of things (travel, health, books, tv shows, music; you name it, we discussed it), explored a very old, local cemetery and had many a spiced chai latte!

I then drove dad and Anne up to the Mornington Peninsula to drop Anne off at my cousins’ (James and Emily) house. I drove the whole way there and nearly the whole way back; my first time doing so since before my car accident in 2017.

The drive took a LOT out of me but I did it successfully!

We stayed the night at James and Emily’s, who showed us the local blowholes, rockpools and beaches!

We caught the ferry from Queenscliff to Sorrento and saw dolphins!
(📸 by my dad!)

It was a really nice trip, and also lovely to catch up with everyone after going so long without seeing each other!

The Burn Off that Went Slightly Wrong

A foreboding title, and one that I hope never to write again.

Burn offs commenced throughout March close to us, and the closest one caused just a teeny tiny bit of trouble.

In the sense that the wind changed direction so we were inundated with smoke (of course, that can’t really be helped) and then the neighbour’s top paddock caught fire (mmm yeah no, that one can be helped).

All was well in the end: the fire was extinguished, the CFA flew helicopters over mine and my neighbour’s property for several hours afterwards and I got to slowly unpack my go-bag again.

The Orchard and The Cider

Speaking of my property, our mini orchard finally had some apples ready to harvest!

Jack and Kyda picked most of the ripe apples and we now have cider bubbling & fermenting away in the kitchen. I don’t really drink alcohol (allergic to it!) but I’m still super excited to see how it turns out!

Days Out About the Town

I left the house so bloomin’ much in March, it’s actually a bit ridiculous.

Kyda, Bilv and I ran some errands in town, which ended up becoming a bit of a shopping spree!

I grabbed the cutest Easter baskets (for the Easter Egg hunt I’m doing for my housemates), two new pairs of shoes (my old boots have a huge hole in the sole), a Kookaburra jug (I’m obsessed with Kookaburras at the moment) and not pictured is the cutest peach coloured knitted jumper.

It’s not all shopping though!

Bilv and I also spent a day working in a local cafe.

It’s a favourite haunt of ours (the sweet chilli chicken wraps are to die for) and we even managed to grab a table near a powerpoint!

Bilv and I also ventured over to a bigger town to get some new piercings!

He got his tongue & septum piercing done, and I got my eyebrow pierced!

You can see all my piercings, the aforementioned cute peach knitted jumper AND my fully sick ginger hair below!

The Melbourne Trip

Yup, that’s right! A second trip to Melbs!

Except this time, I drove up on my own. Eek! But that’s why I drove so much during the Mornington Peninsula trip: to see whether I was able to do it. And I was!

Anyway! This trip was centred around going to the Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show with my mum!. HOWEVER! We actually went to that on April 1, so I’m not including the deets from that here. Instead I’ll be writing a blog post later this week dedicated solely to the show!

I was in Melbourne for the end of March though, and I beelined my way to the museum on my first day to see the Horridus exhibition.

Horridus, an amazing near complete fossil of a Triceratops. I think this is genuinely one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen.

You can see from the person in the background of the first photo (to the right of the front leg) the sheer size this animal once was.

It was so surreal. I think I sat there for about 20 minutes just staring.

Aside from dinosaurs, Melbourne is also famous for its food!

I caught up with my friend Thyda for a Korean dinner, Kirby for brunch and Pat & Paul for a Japanese dinner (which I foolishly didn’t take photos of but trust me, it was delicious).

I then spent the Friday (April 1) and Saturday (April 2) with my mum, so keep an eye out for those details in the Garden Show blog and my eventual April overview!

Books I Read in March:

  • Cold Wind by Paige Shelton – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  • The Woman in Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware – ⭐⭐
  • Camouflage: The Hidden Lives of Autistic Women by Sarah Bargiela – ⭐⭐

Bit of a mixed bag of books this month, but I’m still glad I read them! Even if I close a book feeling disappointed or frustrated I’m just thrilled to be back on a reading kick.

My Favourite Internet Finds:

The Jetstar one KILLED me! I really love the idea of an airline giving away an airplane to just a regular person. Where would they keep it? How would they use it? It gets more and more ridiculous the more I think about it.

The “Matt” one makes me laugh extra hard because one of my besties is called Matt!

A Mikasa Update

My sweet baboo Mikasa is well! As I type this she’s curled up on my bed snoozing, bless her soul.

She coped pretty well with me being away, all things considered! We both get separation anxiety when we’re away from each other, but she got many a cuddle and treat from the housemates!

Goodbye March!

Now that it’s April, I can really see the beginnings of Autumn arriving.

Mushrooms are popping up & the moss is turning green again.

Soon we’ll have to start lighting the wood fire again in the mornings.

It’s delightful; there’s nothing I love more than getting cozy.

See you very soon,

Wahoo! Now we're penpals!

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