A Look Back at February!

Hello friends!

Welcome to a very late February overview!

March has been PACKED with all sorts of things and my ability to juggle has been impacted somewhat.

Nevertheless, I have managed to put together a delightful recap of Feb.

A brief list of what happened in Feb:

  • We ran out of water and had to have the water tanks filled up by a massive tanker
  • Had two water filters installed
  • Kyda and I went on a day trip to the next town over and accidentally locked the keys in the car
  • Bilvy, myself and our lovely friend Frankie went and watched a production of Shakespeare’s As You Like It in the Botanical Gardens
  • My brother and sister both left town and moved up to the city where they’re doing their university courses
  • We watched the Feb WWE pay-per-view “Elimination Chamber”
  • It was my best friend Pat’s birthday! He has a hatred of frogs due to an Animal Crossing villager, so naturally I sent him a pair of frog-print socks 😇
  • I had four ceiling fans installed (2 of which have turned out to be faulty… #yaaaaay)
  • My friend Matt & I had our 4 year friend-aversary! He lives in Canada and I’m in Australia
  • Leonie launched a new live round of Marketing Without Social Media

We also celebrated Bilv’s birthday in February!

Us housemates (but mainly Jack) baked the most amazing cake!

Look how delightful that is! It was really tasty too. Chocolate cake, white choc ganache, honey-butter cream… Outstanding.

Aside from baking, I was also fairly handy this month…

Look at that cute little rattan shelf! I got it from Kmart and it’s currently holding some of my journal & craft supplies!

What else, what else…

Ah yes! Adventures!

My friend Elle had told me about an allegedly haunted forest and I was keen to visit!

The first time she gave me directions, the housemates and I went and explored. Turned out Elle had hilariously sent us to the wrong place and we were actually just exploring someone’s backyard.

In our defence it was FILLED with pine trees and had a public access road but omg, it was very funny.

The next time I went, Elle came with me (no more accidental trespassing for us) and it was really cool!

We both heard some super weird noises (drumming, what sounded like footsteps/big twigs cracking right next to us) and once it got properly dark we were pretty jumpy!

I ADORE all things paranormal and spooky, so this was such a fun evening.

I also started harvesting fruit and veg this month!

We’ve had a few apples, one zucchini, tomatoes galore and some more strawberries!

I’m keen to better plan my veggies for Spring later this year soon. And we’ll hopefully finish the greenhouse Jack’s been building (I just have to order the plastic wrap).

But until then, here are my two favourite memes from Feb:

Is that the coolest bike that’s ever existed? Absolutely yes.

I also read two books in February! You can check out my Goodreads here!

  • The Guide – Peter Heller ⭐⭐⭐
  • Starve Acre – Michael Andrew Hurley ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Aaand last but oh so definitely not least, here’s my fave photo of Mikasa from Feb:

(She looks like a little dragon omg)

And that’s it for Feb!

I’m off to Melbourne very early tomorrow morning for the Melbourne International Flower & Gardening Show! I’m staying with my mum until Sunday, and then I’ll be home for a week off!

So if I’m a bit more organised, you might see March’s overview next week… 👀

For now though, thanks so much for reading!

🍄 🐾 🌙 🍃 🪐 🌈

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