My Goals for 2022

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Happy New Year friendos!

I hope everyone’s holiday season was gentle and relaxing.

It’s 2022 in Australia (and also far too hot).

But let’s talk goals!

New Years, goals, resolutions, new year new me…

Contentious even during times when a global pandemic hasn’t left most of us feeling completely burnt out and miserable.

I’m big on goals, not just at New Years but all throughout the year.

I like setting goals as opposed to resolutions, because resolutions (to me) feel like empty statements. Often unattainable and waaay too broad.

And I’m not out here setting massive goals either.

I don’t have the energy, especially right now.

This year, my life goals are things like this:

  • Use the pottery kit I got for Xmas
  • Make some resin pieces again
  • Blog x2 a month consistently
  • Create a fairy garden in the backyard
  • Edit videos I’ve filmed of the new property & post to TikTok
  • Go night swimming
  • Get a new tattoo
  • Read 50 books by the end of the year
  • Replace all the curtains in my house
  • Harvest my pumpkins and zucchinis

My career goals look like this:

  • Have 100 people on my mailing list by the end of the year
  • Reach 300 followers on IG
  • Record x2 podcast interviews
  • Create the modules for an eCourse
  • Work through + implement marketing + mailing list growth trainings

Aaand here are some of my financial goals:

Using Leonie Dawson’s Goal Getter Workbooks, I break these goals down into smaller bites. I make lists of what I need to do to achieve these goals. I write out the goals so that they’re specific, manageable, attainable, realistic + timely (SMART goals).

I have chronic pain & ADHD, so SMART goals are a great way for me to tailor them.

I need to be realistic or I’ll have a flare up.

They have to be attainable, because my executive dysfunction is hard enough without ridiculous goals that feel unreachable.

And honestly, I’d like to add a H to that acronym (SMARTH?), because healthy goals are something I strive for too.

I don’t feel like a failure if I get to the end of the year and there are goals unachieved.

It’s certainly not a reflection on my self-worth or value as a person.

Surviving in this world is achievement enough.

So why do I set goals then?

Well I find it helpful to get them out of my head. Otherwise they bounce around in my mind, adding to my brain fog and executive dysfunction.

So I write them all down.

And then, since I’ve written them down I figure I might as well break them down. How achievable are they?

For example, last year one of my goals was to go diving with Great White Sharks.

In my head it felt achievable. I found a company in Adelaide that charter boats out to a spot where Great Whites feed.

They’re sustainable, offer multi-night trips, conduct research along with one of Adelaide’s universities and are affordable.

Exceeept on paper, it became clearer this wasn’t so achievable.

For starters, I’d have to get to Adelaide. Difficult, when for the majority of the year the borders between South Australia (where the sharks are) and Victoria (where I am) were closed.

But even if they weren’t, how would I get to Adelaide? I can’t drive it on my own with my CRPS, if I fly; no car and limited transport.

And then, even overcoming all of the above, multiple days on a boat? With complete strangers? Diving (exhausting) with apex predators (cool, but also respectfully terrifying)?

It’s missing the attainable and manageable elements, right now.

Don’t get me wrong, I will go diving with sharks one day. And the fact that I haven’t gone yet? Well all that means is it isn’t time yet.

So! My advice?

If you wanna set goals, set them and set yourself up for success.

That’s one of the biggest things pain management taught me. That and there’s no such thing as a goal that’s too small.

And if setting goals feels icky or too exhausting, that’s okay too.

Because you’re enough regardless of your achievements.

You don’t need to be the Queen of Productivity in order to be worth something.

You’re worthy no matter what.

Here’s to everything we bring to 2022!

🍄 🐾 🌙 🍃 🪐 🌈

Wahoo! Now we're penpals!

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  1. Brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I could not love this more!
    Thank you!
    But of course you would have to be amazing, cos if Leonie let you post solo, you would have to be xx


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