A Look Back at August!

Well! Hello there! Fancy seeing you here!

You may have noticed a distinct lack of blog posts from me during August… And that is because August. Was. Hard.

I spent 11 days in a flare up (not consecutive), two bouts of tonsillitis and have been struggling with pretty severe insomnia and burnout.

me attempting to manage my first August flare up

Don’t get me wrong, lots of good things happened and I’ll be focusing on those for the most part. But if things are a little quieter around here, you know why!

First up, let’s talk hair!

I had a big hair cut and got my hair dyed. Somehow, by sheer luck or some other unknown power, I managed to get both of these done in between the strict lockdowns Victoria went back into.

Unheard of, really.

My hairdresser and I are experimenting with ginger. This time around we put dye on top of my natural hair colour without using bleach. It made it super red, but didn’t have the lightness that I was aiming for. (And to be clear, my hairdresser was totally down to use bleach but I wanted to see if I could get away without using it).

The results:

A nice change. And relatively tame for me!

August’s biggest event though, was two new housemates moving in!

Kyda and Jack (a couple Bilv and I had lived with before many, many, many moons ago) wanted a sea-change and I was, at the time, in the market to buy a house.

Fast forward 6 months; I had a house, an acreage and a spare bedroom.

It was time.

I was a little nervous, because Bilv and I have lived just the two of us since 2015 and we have our routines as roomies (a roomtine, if you will) down PAT.

Would having two new housemates change the dynamic?

Was the house big enough for 4 people?

Did this mark the end of me loudly singing nonsense words late at night?

Turns out, I had nothing to worry about. Kyda and Jack have fit right in.

Even Mikasa has warmed up to them relatively quickly, which was the real shock to be quite honest.

Both Jack and Kyda were super keen to start working on gardening and landscaping, which was very exciting.

They’ve been weeding, pruning, replanting roses, taking fences down, pulling down dilapidated outbuildings, putting together outdoor furniture and MORE!

AND! We’ve had several bonfires, which has been one of my country-living dreams since we moved in.

Also, new people means new interests and hobbies.

And I have very quickly gotten into WWE. I have a favourite wrestler, I want to go see it live once it’s safe to and I now recognise a significant number of performers from their theme songs.

I am so not chill when it comes to new things.

“Who’s your favourite wrestler?” I hear you definitely, totally ask because you care so much about it. Well thank you for asking dear reader.

My favourite wrestler is a scooter riding, neon wearing bro called Matt Riddle.

I have already bought the t-shirt.

Bilv and Kyda talked me out of the $60 slides but I want everyone to know I will get them. I will own those. I cannot be stopped.

I recognise my blog occasionally makes me sound unhinged (volcanoes, sharks, Mt. Everest and now wrestling) but what can I say? I’m an all or nothing kinda gal.

Moving on to house renovations, unpacking and interior design now, I’m excited to say I have VERY nearly finished unpacking!

It’s mainly just childhood stuff left to sort through now (a few boxes worth which I could probably get through in an afternoon but I have not been able to bring myself to do that just yet).

In the meantime, I decided to put up my favourite art prints on my bedroom wall. Having previously lived in rentals, putting art on the wall was always a bit of a risk. In the first rental we ever lived in, we ended up having to get a whole lounge room wall repainted because the blue-tac had damaged the paint so badly.

Lesson learned.

But I own this house. Now I am the landlord. And I hereby decree that walls are meant for art!

I’m also an avid collector of pins!

So I ordered a pinboard and mini easel to properly display them all (and this has resulted in me wearing a new pin everyday, yay!)

I also ordered some fake ivy and fairy lights from Kmart and decorated my staircase bannister, and made our under-the-stairs cupboard super cozy!

I need to properly go through the books + DVDS and donate some to the op-shop (peep the 50 Shades of Grey trilogy, woof) but you’ll also see some VHS tapes! Those are from my childhood and I will be keeping them foreverrrr.

You may have also noticed the lego on the top shelf.

I have ALWAYS wanted lego kits, but have never been able to afford them. Until now

I bought the Harry Potter classroom sets and they are the cutest thing ever.

These have been super fun to put together! It’s such a cozy and satisfying experience building the sets. I definitely plan on doing more lego kits down the track.

August has been extremely rainy, so having all these inside activities keeping me going has been fabulous!

Speaking of the rain, here are some photos I’ve taken in August (note the lake that isn’t usually there):


Continuing on with the photo dump theme, here are my favourite memes/internet finds from this month:

Aaand my favourite photo of Mikasa, when Bilv very gently trimmed her claws because they kept getting stuck in the carpet:

look at that face…

Naturally, once we’d finished clipping them she realised she could do zoomies without hurting her feet AND could now slowly sharpen them up again on her scratching tree, and then she was very purry and grateful.

Honestly, she’s a wild one.

And that’s it for August!

I’m very excited to show you all some photos of the garden once it comes together a bit more. And we’re out of lockdown as of tomorrow, which means trips to the garden centre to buy some native plants are on the horizon.

For now though, I hope you’re safe and warm and cozy!

See you soon!

๐Ÿ„ ๐Ÿพ ๐ŸŒ™ ๐Ÿƒ๐Ÿช๐ŸŒˆ

Wahoo! Now we're penpals!


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