Marketing Without Social Media!

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Why hello there!

Welcome back to my little corner of the internet. I hope you’re comfy!

Please kick off your shoes, make yourself a cuppa and snuggle down, because today we’re talking about social media.

Before I officially started my VA business back in 2018, I was on the cusp of deleting my social media!

I had decided at that time that my current career path (waitressing whilst doing a Masters in Counselling and Psychotherapy) just didn’t warrant it, and I also hated how much time I wasted just mindlessly scrolled.

I was making a valiant effort to use my smart phone less and less, and the next logical step seemed to be deleting social media.

Except then life happened, I changed career paths and suddenly felt tied to social media in order to run my own business as well as my client’s businesses.

It was a shame, I’d felt at the time, that social media is such an integral part of running business.

Except… That it’s not.

Earlier this year, my boss Leonie Dawson broke up with social media. Permanently.

And I was like, “okay well FIRSTLY as your social media manager colour me pleased, because this frees up my time to do other marketing things for you, but secondly HOW ARE YOU DOING THIS?”

Turns out I wasn’t the only one stunned by this. Over the next few months we got email after email asking us the same question I’d asked Leonie.

And over those months, I was behind the scenes as Leonie’s massively successful, multi-million dollar business continued to go strength to strength, without social media.

We implemented new strategies, redesigned our yearly plan and focused our newfound time + energy into hitting massive income + business goals (all of which Leonie is on track to hit before EOFY).

All without social media or paid advertising.

And so, Leonie decided to launch an eCourse that delves into exactly how you can break up (or distance yourself) with social media.

Enter: Marketing Without Social Media

I’m INCREDIBLY excited start this course on July 1st! It’s going to cover:

  • A smart exit strategy to wean your biz off social media
  • 150+ ways to market without social media
  • A glimpse into Leonie’s marketing plan for the next year
  • Smart social media strategies to save you money + time if you stay on it!
  • Case studies of successful social media free businesses
  • How to build a profitable mailing list
  • Social media FREE marketing methods
  • How to grow a big following off social media
  • Leonie’s simple 2 page marketing plan
  • 42 reasons you should consider a social media free life + biz
  • Social media free ways to increase your sales
  • And so much more!

If that’s not enough, there’s also an early bird sale right now! If you enrol in the next couple of days you’ll get $20!

I’ve decided I don’t want to get rid of social media entirely, at least not yet.

But I do want to start using it more mindfully, especially within my own business.

(You can pry TikTok + Pinterest from my cold, dead hands thank you very much.)

I’ve done nearly 10 of Leonie’s eCourses since starting to work for her and they’ve massively impacted my businesses.

From starting this website + blog, to the sales page that’s coming for mine and my dad’s Etsy business; I cannot recommend learning from Leonie enough.

I’m so looking forward to reclaiming my time + becoming a bit more savvy and mindful with my social media usage.

Class starts July 1st 8am PT, so I’ll see you there, right?


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