A Day at the Op Shops!


Something that the pandemic took away from us here in Aus for one loooong year.

Today, I finally got to go.

To be fair, they’ve been open back awhile now, but I have been busy and also forgot this was a hobby of mine.

(Shoutout to my fellow ADHD-ers, forgetting hobbies basically IS a hobby unto itself 🤷🏼‍♀️)

Anyway, I digress.

The point is, I was feeling really sad today and so I asked my housemate if he wanted to take a break and come have lunch with me.

On the way into town, I asked whether we could go to Kmart (lol, always) and some of the op shops. The answer was an excited YES!

We went to three different op shops (plus Kmart – I bought some stickers and a pestle and mortar there: irrelevant. We’re talking OP SHOPS) and at two of them I struck GOLD.

The first one we went to had some really snazzy clothes, but ultimately I’ve just cleared out my wardrobe and I wasn’t looking for any more clothing items.

So we moved on to lunch (I had a Moroccan chicken salad and Bilv had eggs, bacon + avocado on toast, if you were interested) which was d e l i s h and then it was back to thrifting.

The next Op Shop we went to was opposite the Kmart (handy) and ‘twas there I found my ultimate treasure.

look at her 😍… full of water, essential oil + vinegar to remove the stinky, but still BEAUTIFUL I say!

This… Is my pride and joy. It might be my favourite thing I’ve ever found at an Op Shop.

It’s got carved fruits + veggies on the top of each cork and judging from the smell when I opened one of them, they were used for pickling fruits + veggies.

I’m not a huge fan of pickles or chutneys, but goddamn do I love jam.

So I may use it for that. Alternatively: bath salts, essential oil potions, pretty coloured sands… The options for potions are endless!

Whilst I was making my long-suffering housemate carry this around (I only have one working arm and Bilv is a very kind person, okay) I noticed my next find…

gasp, what could it open

A key!

Well. A key rack on the shape of a key.

Extremely handy, especially given what we currently use is the apparatus our cutlery came hanging on when we bought it in 2013.

We’re overdue for an upgrade. PLUS! This one can hang on the wall. Oh the convenience.

I think I even know the perfect place at the new house for it. Hopefully I’ll have a photo of it up soon!

We left that Op Shop feeling pleased as punch, and then went to our final stop of the day. This next store is the biggest of the bunch and I found, drum roll please…

🥁 🥁 🥁 🥁 🥁

A wooden basket… thing!

can something be a basket if it’s not weaved? or is this technically a bucket? these are the questions that keep me up at night…

The engraved metal badge says “The Bottle Brush Collection Australia” with a beautiful insignia of a bottlebrush.

I’m incredibly excited to get my veggie patch up and running at the new house later this year. I cannot waaait to use this basket (bucket?) to collect veggies, maybe some eggs from future chickens, go foraging…

I have stars in my eyes from dreaming.

So that’s it! That is my little collection of thrifted goodies that brought me out of my funk today.

It’s just gone half past five in the evening here, the sky is as dark as can be and rain is threatening.

My favourite weather.

I think I’m going to run a bath before dinner and finish my murder mystery library book.

May your days be as cozy as mine!


Wahoo! Now we're penpals!

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