The Morning After…

Last night, I wrote a blog post detailing how I was feeling in that moment.

I was in a flare up, I couldn’t get warm, I was miserable over the feeling of missing out.

But I ended the blog post with “tomorrow will be better.”


Tomorrow is today, so let’s see how things are doing.

I woke up to soft jazz music and the sound of rain gently falling on the roof. The sun was still asleep but the birds had started their morning routine.

I was warm, Mikasa had snuggled down under the covers with me, and even though I was still in pain it was nowhere near as bad as last night.

taken once the sun had risen

I slowly clambered out of bed and made my way into the kitchen to make a pot of tea. I snuggled back in to bed and finished another of my library books.

I picked my pink all-in-one teapot so I could have multiple cups as I read. English breakfast, on the sweet side with a decent splash of milk.

Today will be filled with gratitude and light and gentleness.

I will nurture the body and mind that keep me going through the cold, silent nights.

Hot tea, spiced foods, journalling, reading, quiet conversations, dewy grass under bare feet, watering the plants, folklore on repeat, pottering about.

Today is different. Today is okay.

💜 Zita

Wahoo! Now we're penpals!

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