A January Overview!

January 2021 is nearly over!

It’s weird, this month has simultaneously gone very quickly and also lasted a lifetime.

I started back at work January 4th, and we hit the ground running.

My boss, Leonie has been selling their Goal Getter Books since October, and they were on sale until January 15th!

It’s been an incredible learning experience; Leonie self-published this year through Lulu xPress via Shopify and I got to see and support every step from the creation of the workbooks, to the production.

It’s been a genuinely delightful time and it’s incredible how much love and dedication goes into writing and publishing books.

There’s also been a significant increase in the behind-the-scenes admin, particularly customer service. As the books were self-published, this meant we handled the support requests and questions (as opposed to publishing through Amazon, or a publishing deal).

It’s been really rewarding, problem-solving and supporting customers’ questions and issues!

I’m also currently taking a break from customer service for a couple of weeks, and a week off work entirely as per Leonie’s recommendation!

The amount of gratitude I have for working for/with a person who fully understands things like burnout and mental health and supports recovery is humongous. I’ve had literally 1 day off so far and I’m already SO excited to go back to work in a week.

I remember one time, a long time ago now, I called in sick because my knee had unexpectedly dislocated, and my manager hung up on me.

I went into work the next day because I was so anxious about missing any future shifts, but also immediately started looking for a new job.

It pays to reasonably support the health of your employees, in my humble opinion!

But I digress!

So that’s my work update!

Now let’s talk life…

Probably the BIGGEST news is that I’ve made an offer on a house!

The process has been both exhilarating and daunting.

Between organising conveyancers, mortgage applications, building and pest inspections and hopefully signing contracts on Monday, things have been INTENSE.

Obviously things could still fall through, so I’m trying to stay realistic and grounded but omg.

As soon as I can share more details about the property, I will. Eeeek!

In other news, I’ve read 6 books this month, and hopefully I’ll read one more before the start of Feb!

I’ll do a separate blog post on those soon, but I’m very excited to be reading so frequently again. The local Library has been instrumental in helping me form new reading habits.

And it’s free! Always a bonus.

I’ve also started pain management again! After a nearly a whole year without it thanks to a combination of COVID19 and the ineptitude of the TAC, I decided to organise and fund it myself.

I’m hugely privileged to be able access and afford treatment for my CRPS, and immensely excited to start learning some new tricks and tips for managing my pain.

I’ve come a long way, and I’m ready to try and go further!


EbbandFlowMarket has been going brilliantly too! We’re a small business, run by myself and my dad, that sells handmade accessories for essential oils!

Dad’s a woodworker, so the stands and displays are just *chefs kiss* super beautiful and high quality.

Check us out!

Aside from that, I’ve just been working through a couple of eCourses (Bullet Journal Gang and Food Freedom Fundamentals), journalling, working through my Goal Getter workbooks and helping my baby sister move out of home for the first time ever!

January man. It’s been hectic, but good.

Tomorrow is Jan 31st, and I plan on making some new things out of resin and finishing the book Some Kind of Happiness.

And then it’s February. Already. Holy Guac.

2021 is flying by, so let’s make the most of it.

See you soon!


Zita 💜

Wahoo! Now we're penpals!

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