A long overdue update!


Listen, I know it’s been awhile.

A LOT has happened, and I kept meaning to write but I just didn’t have the spoons.

My little town had I think, 19 or so cases of COVID19, so we went into a full quarantine here.

Friends in Melbourne obviously had it much harder, and I’m so proud of Melbs having consecutive zero-case days and slowly starting to come out of lockdown.

My case with the TAC came to an end, but I’m not quite ready to talk about that yet (this is a big reason I’ve been so low on spoons), but at some point I think I’ll write out in detail everything that’s happened since the accident.

This week is also accident anniversary week, which I always find difficult.

This year I’ve had an increased number of flare ups and my pain has gotten worse, but I’m hoping I’ll be approved to continue my pain program soon…

In other news, I just finished the most amazing writing eCourse!

Falling Gently by Alix Klingenberg went for 6 weeks and it was so magical.

Weekly Zoom calls with Alix and all the other lovely souls, with gorgeous prompts.

I might share some of the poems I wrote on here, it was honestly such a healing experience.

Other updates include:

  • I found a HEAP of photos from Japan
  • I’ve been borrowing books from the Library!
  • I spray painted my desk
  • I started making things with resin
  • I turned 27 in October!
  • I started the Fast800 with wonderful results
  • I’ve started writing love letters to my friends
  • A Koala was rescued from my yard (healthy and happy, just stuck)
  • My sister finished Year 12 (just exams left!)
  • Mikasa (my cat) is delightfully misbehaving still (she tried to bite the vet 4 times at her check up)
  • I have some new plants (thanks Kirby!)
  • Leonie and I launched her Goal Getter workbooks, and mine arrived!
  • Bilv bought some sick overalls
  • We’ve been using our outside fire more!

I’ll add some photos below of some of these updates!

That’s it from me for now, but hopefully I’ll be back soon…

I have some fun ideas for future blog posts, as well as some already half written so I shouldn’t disappear for so long this time.



Sending love to you and yours!

💜 Zita

Wahoo! Now we're penpals!

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