I, for one, am so glad it’s the weekend.

I made eggs for breakfast, grabbed my cuppa tea AND a glass of an OJ (it’s a two drink day) and have been watching the sun rise over my back fence.

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of warm sunlight on your face, especially after a busy week.

I have some goals for the weekend, but my main priority is rest. My arm has been aching more than usual (not quite a flare up but the threat is there) and I’ve also been unwell.

My goals (and they’re a varied bunch):

💜 go for a walk
☀️ study Japanese
💖 grocery shop
☀️ tidy kitchen
💜 start @monalisaondevilla’s eCourse
☀️ write a blog post
💖 set up a mailing list
☀️ play Ghost of Tsushima
💜 take some photos

I may not get through all of these this weekend, and that’s okay. My focus is on recovery and not pissing off my CRPS 😅

what are your weekend plans? 🥰

Zita 💜

Wahoo! Now we're penpals!

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