The Difference Between an Online Business Manager and a Virtual Assistant

I wear many hats.

Amateur graphic designer. Video editor. Customer service officer. Marketing manager.

Virtual Assistant.

And more recently… Online Business Manager.

A virtual assistant is there to support your business.

Your job, as the client, is to provide the VA with a list of tasks (and the relevant instructions).

The VA will then trot along and start working their way through the list.

An OBM (online business manager) is thinking about the bigger picture of the business.

We’re talking creating and implementing business strategies, as well as project management.

An OBM is a team leader, a VA is a team member!

I’m currently in the process of training up as an OBM, and it is SO. EXCITING.

The biggest learning curve for me has been: confidence.

I need to have more confidence in my suggestions and decisions, but thankfully I’m feeling very supported as I transition into this new role.

I’ll also still be doing my VA role within the business, which is great because I love working through lists, man.

It makes me feel SO accomplished.

Truly, it’s the best of both worlds!

💜 Zita

Wahoo! Now we're penpals!

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